Internet Data Mining

We obtain information from multiple online sources, such as search engines, social and news media, and websites.

Data Mining Tool

We have developed our own software to extract information related to parking, transportation, and mobility from the Internet.

Data Verification

Every piece of information is verified before we add it to our database to ensure it’s accuracy and validity.

Remote Mapping

We visualize the city from the extracted map information, powered by cutting edge techniques, including deep learning and computer vision for object recognition.

Semantic Segmentation

Over 50,000 samples are used to train our algorithm for semantic segmentation of street view images.

Object Detection

Various types of traffic facilities and road markings are recognized digitally through street-level images.

Traffic Sign Recognition

Automatically extract traffic signs as point features with comprehensive attributes information.

Coordinates Measurement

PolaGIS has patented technology to measure the coordinates of map features with an accuracy of 0.5 meters.


Images and videos can be taken and recorded to increase the comprehensiveness and precision of our parking and mapping information.

Data Capture Tool

PolaGIS is currently developing an application to crowdsource map data with the touch of a smartphone.

Data Sharing

Individuals can upload videos recording any traffic facility, anywhere, at any time to contribute to our coordinates and attributes database.