HD Maps

With the development of autonomous vehicles, traditional maps no longer provide sufficient accuracy to optimize efficiency and guarantee safety. HD maps, providing precision within 0.5 meters, answers this call by incorporating 3D static features, such as road markings, traffic signals, curbs and traffic signs, into the driving environment, which supports autonomous driving solutions.

At PolaGIS, we separate HD Maps into three broad categories.
Road Markings

PolaGIS is able to extract key road features, such as lane markings, lane lines, symbols, on-street and off-street parking space, and etc. Also, the key attributes such as lane width, pavement color, lane types and etc. can be obtained as well.

Traffic Signs

PolaGIS uses semantic segmentation algorithms to extract text and image information on the signs. The information is analyzed and categorized into various types, such as regulatory, warning, and guidance, and can be used to interpret parking price and rules.

Other Road Devices

In order to help vehicles making more reliable decisions, PolaGIS also provide exact locations of other devices such as traffic lights, parking meters, fire hydrants, barriers, etc.