Deep Learning + Autonomy

Computer Vision + Mapping

We provide comprehensive and accurate map data using novel techniques to

support the future of transportation.

PolaGIS Remote Mapping

Leveraging deep learning and computer vision, PolaGIS collects map data from street-level images to not only pinpoint their locations but extract their content and characteristics effectively and efficiently. We can serve to expedite the development of HD maps and are dedicated to helping the world with promoting the development of future mobility.

Object Detection

Detect targeted object from street- level images

Semantic Extraction

Extract text and image information on the signs

Coordinates Measurement

Measure spatial location of each object based on our unique technology

Static Parking Data

Our remote mapping technology allows us to accumulate accurate and precise on-street and off-street parking data for every parking space in the city.

HD Maps

HD maps incorporate comprehensive road features for all driving environments, including both free way and urban areas,which supports L2 and ADAS level self-driving.

Curbside Digitalization

We help you easily
understand curbside policies and guide your destination planning with availability of parking spaces and parking rules in specific times.

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We are able to collect a large amount of data, which pertains not only to highways but also traffic data on a city, state, or an entire county.

To obtain more information of our map data, feel free contact us/or request a demo.